Nothing is More Fun than

Based in the villages of Anstey and Markfield, on the outskirts of Leicester, Miss Keely-Anna has musical-movement, ballet dance, street dance, funky dance, funky tap and fitness classes for all ages, from babies to adults. As a classically trained ballet dancer and a fully qualified Royal Academy of Dance teacher, Miss Keely-Anna is able to provide dance classes to the highest standard of teaching. Examinations in ballet are offered, though are not compulsory, allowing students to gain accreditation for their hard work. Royal Academy of Dance examinations also provide students with QCF credits: a Grade 5 level is equivalent to a GCSE in Dance, and Grades 6 and above provide students with UCAS points, which can be used in university applications.

Miss Keely-Anna is also a highly qualified fitness professional, which enables her to provide an integrated programme of exercise to enhance fitness, coordination and muscle tone. As a qualified personal trainer and advanced Pilates instructor, Miss Keely-Anna is able to combine these skills with her dance classes to ensure students receive safe and effective training.

Miss Keely-Anna encourages all students to become the best dancers they can be, whilst enjoying every minute. We believe that festivals can cause unnecessary stress for children and encourage friction between them. We focus more on personal achievement and teamwork, rather than competing against each other for medals. Certificates of Achievement are awarded to children once they master certain techniques and skills, and Achievement Awards are given when a child moves up a class. Although festival participation can help to gain performance skills, we believe our bi-annual staged performances offer much more! In these, students work as a team to create a fantastic performance for friends and family to enjoy. They are able to show off their individual skills whilst also supporting and complementing each other.

For babies and toddlers we have fun activities that promote motor skills, coordination and rhythm. For the pre-schoolers, we go on weekly musical adventures that develop musicality and creativity. The older boys and girls focus on dance and fitness, learning skills that progress towards either street-dance with modern and tap, or RAD ballet. And for adults there are dance aerobic lessons that help burn those calories and firm up those muscles!

Miss Keely-Anna is CRB checked, insured, and holds a PPL Music licence.